blog-grannyWe all loved visiting Grandma. Tasting her baking, eating till we were too full and all served with love and kindness. She always made us feel special and yet right at home.

Businesses, should be a lot more like Granny – cultivating an environment where we work in ways that promote comfort and well-being in one another, both inside and outside our organisation.

It is with a value-led approach that we can be our most creative self.

As leaders, we have passion and vision and an ability to overcome fear. The next step is to strive to create a hospitable environment for customers, investors and employees to embrace their creative side as well. It is crucial to nurture an environment that is open to new view points and ideas that makes everyone who steps into the workplace feel that their views are respected and their contributions valued.

This collaborative approach can extend the limiting parameters of an average business model.

Traditionally, the word ‘comfort’ had negative connotations in business. It was seen as weak and limiting. With today’s conscious leaders, comfort is springboard for outstanding collaborative performance. How powerful did Granny make you feel? Did she encourage you to perform at your best?