The brain may not be composed of muscle but it required stretching and developing just like the rest of the muscles in our body. I’m forever telling people to take small steps to exercise their leadership muscles and so I thought I’d put together a list.

You may have some pretty good muscle strength in some areas of leadership but some other areas could do with a workout! Have a look at the list and see which areas could do with a bit of enhancing.

  1. Make sure everyone involved in your enterprise knows where you are heading and understand why this goal or purpose is so important.
  2. Ensure that your vision is clearly communicated to all involved at all levels.
  3. Reward excellence in executing and delivering results as well as excellence in collaborating with colleagues. Expecting and rewarding both results and relationships makes for a sustainable organisation.
  4. Delegate with clear expectations. This is particularly difficult if you try to do everything yourself or are a perfectionist. Encouraging others to do their best for you increases innovation and fulfilment as well as improved results.
  5. Give and receive candid feedback. Honesty is a key ingredient for sustaining success and for highlighting problems early.
  6. Hire and hold onto people who are fired-up about their work. Diligence and willingness to learn trump credentials every time.
  7. Give everyone permission to share their thoughts and questions and make sure that being a sideliner isn’t acceptable. Everyone in a team should be a participant.
  8. Do not punish honest failures. Failures are inevitable and necessary but keep them small and make sure that they result in acceptance and growth.
  9. As a leader, lower the bar so that others have a chance to become players, but raise the bar so that others find it impossibly challenging to stay in the organisation as victims.
  10. Making positive impacts on individuals, communities, natural resources, clients, colleagues and suppliers in a sustainable way to do business.

As you consider the above, think about what areas in your own enterprise or your leadership approach that could do with a workout.